Fearlessly Fit Faith
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Let’s live fearlessly in obedience to God, be fit as a whole person, and have the faith to pursue Gods will for our lives.


The girl behind Fearlessly Fit Faith

Hi friend, my name is Airriaunte’! I love Jesus; I am so thankful for the way that Jesus has loved me out of all my sin and I want to serve others, so that they can experience this same kind of redemption. I really like coffee, like really really like it!! Like I work in a coffee shop, that’s how much I like it haha! Having an assortment of cups and mugs is AH-MAZING! I may have a slight addiction to them, there’s just so many pretty ones out there!! I love love love dancing, it’s one way that I truly feel connected to God! Another way I feel connected to God is by being in nature!! Lastly, something that I am super passionate about is any type of human trafficking.. because of my personal sin I have felt a deeper connection to women and men in this situation.

Deeper meaning of Fearlessly Fit Faith

Our obedience comes when we have fully surrendered our will to God, we become fit as a whole person in the pruning that God carries us through as we shed our old self and put on our new self (we have to learn to care for the new person we are becoming) and our faith carries us as we pursue our God given calling.

The number one goal in Fearlessly Fit Faith is to serve the individual to better the individual within her community.


Currently this is done through Finding You workshops! Check out the events pages for the next one!


Flower Girl

You are God’s flower girl. God gave me this reminder in my last days as a college student; getting through my internship was sometimes difficult. He reminded me, that because of the crown of thorns His only son wore, I get to wear a crown of flowers. Friend, remember that you are God’s chosen one. He wore a crown of thorns, so that you can wear a crown of flowers. You have been redeemed. You are loved and enough. You are His flower girl.